DECA is the co-curricular component of marketing education that provides a program of student activities related to marketing and marketing education. Membership in DECA is open to all students who are enrolled in a state approved, career-technical marketing education program, including business and management pathway students. DECA provides opportunities for students to develop skills in the areas of vocational understanding, leadership development, civic consciousness, and social intelligence.


The Student

Marketing Education students have common objectives and interests in that each is studying for a career objective. DECA activities have a tremendous positive effect upon the attitude of students. DECA members have an opportunity for state and national recognition.


DECA is the only student organization operating through the nation's schools to attract young people to careers in marketing.


DECA encourages social intelligence through social and recreational activities, as well as enhancing members' sense of responsibility to our society.


DECA provides each member an opportunity to participate in activities designed to teach members to be not only leaders, but also followers.

The School

DECA chapter activities are always school-centered, contributing to the school's purpose of preparing well-adjusted, employable citizens. Chapter activities serve the marketing teacher/chapter advisor as a teaching tool by creating interest in all phases of marketing and serving as an avenue of expression for individual talent. The chapter is the "showcase" for student achievement and progress. It attracts students to the marketing program who are interested in careers in marketing and brings classroom subject matter alive for students.


DECA is a teaching device to enrich, enliven, and expand the marketing curriculum.


DECA believes in competition and offers awards and recognition to student members and advisors for outstanding accomplishments.


DECA maintains chapter, state, and national competitive activities, all designed to stimulate and motivate classroom interest, career encouragement, and vocational competence.

The Community

DECA members are vitally involved in the economic development and vitality of their communities. Both team and individual projects continue to encourage this type of contribution. Many businesses favor employing DECA students because of their interest in education, their attitude toward careers in business, and their related study of the business world. Many leaders in business and government have praised the DECA program for its civic activities.